Don’t let Democrats shrug off COVID failures

FOR THE PAST two years, the country has endured one failed COVID policy after another, but not without injury, and now we face a test of resiliency that requires bold and honest leadership to redirect the country back toward its foundations in freedom. Lockdowns, which have been packaged into a variety of draconian policies, devastated … Read More

Let’s rebuild scientific inquiry

ON TUESDAY, Nov. 16, there was a public hearing for a non-germane amendment to HB255 for the purpose of requiring exemptions for conscience, religion, and medical, including prior infection, for all entities in the state of New Hampshire when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. The amendment was supported by hundreds of health care workers, … Read More

Unprecedented Emergency Powers Remain Until State of Emergency Gets Canceled

As the era of mandated COVID-19 restrictions comes to a close today in New Hampshire, it is important to recognize that the threat to our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms remains within the executive branch so long as the governor’s declared and extended state of emergency continues to be renewed. For more than a year, we have … Read More

Governor Spreads Half-Truths to Keep His Power

During a press conference on Thursday, Gov. Chris Sununu used maddening half truths while beating his fear drum in an effort to justify almost a year of his unilateral control of the state. Speaking about the legislature’s resolution to end the state of emergency, Sununu said, “That would be a terrible thing to do, given … Read More

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