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About Melissa

Melissa is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire. She has a background in music and operates a small business as a music instructor in voice, guitar, piano, at her home in Merrimack.

Melissa believes in a limited government where you are free to lead your life as you see fit as long as you don’t harm others.

For the past two years, Melissa has fought tirelessly for the good of her constituents and the people of New Hampshire, working to restrain government overreach, keep taxes low, and defend the individual liberties of citizens.

Melissa’s Priorities

Limited Government

Melissa is a fiscal conservative who will never support a sales or income tax. She believes low taxes are a result of low spending, and the state must tighten its belt just like NH families do.

Reducing the Gas Tax

With prices at the pump at an all time high, Melissa is committed to providing NH citizens with the relief they need by rolling back the Hassan-induced gas tax hike.

Constitutional Rights

Melissa believes the primary purpose of government is to protect your natural rights. From free speech to firearms to privacy, she is committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens.

Educational Freedom

Melissa believes we must empower families to choose the best education for their children. We must promote and build on recent educational reforms to ensure every child can live up to his or her potential.

Parental Rights

Melissa is an absolutist when it comes to parental rights. Parents have a fundamental right to fully control the upbringing, education, and care of their children, and it is important that our state laws reflect this reality,


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